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Position Position(s) Available
Youth Counselors (Full/Part Time) Accepting Applications
Licensed Clinicians  1 Openng
Case Manager Closed
Teacher (Secondary & Special Education) Accepting Applications
Substitute Teacher Accepting Applications
PRN Nurse 1 Opening
Student Transporter Accpting Appications
Cook (Part Time/Weekends) Closed

As of 08/20/14

Job Responsibilities (Youth Counselors):

Maintains safety and security of facility (i.e. staff and student culture).
Confronts negative/inappropriate behavior and follows levels of confrontation in a fair and consistent manner.  Provides crisis intervention with students as needed.  Holds students accountable.
Supports all confrontation.
Talks with staff to provide feedback or to discuss problems.
Meets with each primary for at least one half-hour weekly to discuss progress.  Ensures that treatment plans are implemented.
Ensures students have necessary/adequate clothing, hygiene supplies, etc.
Has necessary paperwork completed thoroughly, accurately and punctually (i.e. quarterly staffings, critical/significant events, etc.).
Assists in creating thorough discharge planning with each student.
Communicates thoroughly and accurately via verbal and written communication (i.e. student reads, incidents, general information).
Completes accurate daily documentation.
Devises and implements creative ideas/activities for students.
Works cooperatively with fellow staff members.  Contributes to a positive and productive work environment.
Is punctual.
Seeks guidance in self-improvement and is receptive to feedback.
Accomplishes assigned tasks.
All other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or GED is required for Youth Counselors; Teacher (Counselor Educator) requires ability to obtain teaching certification in the State of Wyoming. All staff must pass criminal and child abuse back ground check, be capable of participating in physical training activities and capable of physically restraining students if necessary.

Resumes may be emailed to: adam.potter@sequelyouthservices.com