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Referral Process


If you wish to learn more about Normative’s referral process or initiate steps toward a referral, please call 307-674-6878 or 800-473-1667, or write to nsi.admissions@sequelyouthservices.com. You will be connected with an appropriate staff member, who will quickly complete the Initial Contact form. This summarizes essential information, such as the reason for your interest, current and past placements, custody, summary of specific behavior problems, strengths and interests, safety issues, diagnosis, and what you would like to see accomplished if the student is placed in a Normative program. At the conclusion of the call, we will be able to tell you:

  • If the NSI program is likely to be a “fit” for the student you are referring, and why or why not
  • What further information we may need – usually a psychological evaluation and a social summary or equivalent
  • What the next step may be, such as a telephone or face-to-face interview, and how we can complete that step as quickly as possible
  • A timeline for possible placement, based on the steps that need to be completed

Normative’s Admissions Director and staff will work with you to expedite referral and placement, including providing or assisting with transportation, arranging for interviews at a time and place convenient for you, talking with family members or others involved with the student as appropriate, and helping to resolve funding or logistical issues as needed.

Chad Lobdell

Admissions Director

Tel: 307-674-6878 ext. 4103
Direct Line: 307-675-4103
Toll Free: 800-473-1667
Fax: 307-674-7781

E-mail: chad.lobdell@sequelyouthservices.com

    NSI Academy is accredited by NCA - North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and the WY Dept. of Ed